Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services in the HAWAIIAN ISLANDS

Commercial kitchens see a lot of greases. Whether you’re feeding customers or employees or both, getting that grease removed on a regular basis is crucial to maintaining fire safety. When they aren’t cleaned, those systems keep getting more and more grease until they become extreme fire hazards and a disaster waiting to happen. The best prevention method? Call Pacific Rim Fire Protection for exhaust hood cleaning services in Kailua-Kona, HI.

How often you’ll require hood and duct cleaning services depends on what you cook and the volume of grease it produces. It could be needed as frequently as every month or as seldom as every year. Our experts can give you a professional recommendation to help you keep a clean, cooler, and safe work environment. Having a clean hood helps maintain airflow and get rid of smells and smoke so everyone can breathe easier.

About Our Hood Filter Cleaning Service

We clean hoods in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 96, which is the standard for ventilation control and fire protection of commercial cooking operations. Please note that we are a fire protection company and not a janitorial service. Our goal is to prevent grease build-up in your hood and limit the fuel source should a fire occur. The process involves:

  • Cleaning all accessible areas of ductwork
  • Removing and cleaning grease filters
  • Getting on the roof and cleaning the fans
  • Inspecting belts and replacing them as needed

We take photos of the parts that we clean and make a note of any deficiencies before and after our exhaust hood cleaning services. Other than the assurance of a clean hood and duct from top to bottom, you’ll never know we were there. And of course, we’ll be sure to shine it up for you, so it looks as squeaky-clean as the rest of your kitchen.

The Importance of Hood and Duct Cleaning Services

Remember that grease can be ignited in solid, vapor, and liquid forms, so it can be extremely dangerous when present in excess qualities. Every year there are thousands of fires in kitchens and restaurants with millions of dollars of damage. In fact, half of all fires begin in the kitchen. We’re here to make sure yours isn’t a statistic.

There are plenty of other advantages to our exhaust hood cleaning services besides safety. Your exhaust fan will last longer if it’s maintained by our professionals. Plus, you can be sure that your building is compliant with local and State fire and health codes. You may even save money, not just from preventing a fire but also from the possibility of reduced insurance costs and premature roof damage. Minimizing rooftop grease keeps your roof in good shape.

Contact our hood cleaning crew to bring our service to your kitchen. We clean throughout the Hawaiian islands with our corporate office based in Kailua-Kona..